Friday 6 November 2015


Finally got round to finishing the Waffen SS unit, I have had these put to one side for a while but with this weeks Autumn colours on the trees I felt inspired to paint the cammo, these are a few of the unit the pea dot and oak leaf was fun to paint.

Oak leaf cam was a dark tan base washed heavily with 1:1 brown ink and water. Patches of black with patches of Val.German Bright Green inside. And random small patches of Val. German Cam Dark Green.Some of the dark green spots then had light green added to the inside.

The pea dot pattern was achieved by base coating with Val. English Uniform. Patches of Black (should be dark green but at this scale you can hardly notice). Then patches of Pale brown next to these at random intervals. Then with a tooth pick all the black patches get pale brown dots, all the pale brown patches get black dots. Last finishing touches are random dots of medium green and a very yellow green. At one stage I added straight yellow dots.

Hard to imagine that I am colour blind, my son and wife help to identify the colours required initially.

Hope you like.

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A second 88mm Flak from Zvezda also got some paint. This like its predecessor has been magnetised, allowing for a planned project this week involving the panzer IV, Marder and Panther Chasis.

They're here

Got the PSC reinforcements of the T38 Marder and Panzer IV,just waiting on the Panther then, I am gonna see how many Variations I can get over the next few weeks.

I am thinking of crafty use of magnets and lots of scratchbuilding and kit bashing for this little project.