Monday 25 January 2016



This Sunday saw the first games day of 2016 for the Wyre Forest Gamers. There were a number of games that were played between the members including: League of Augsburg (ECW variant), 28mm Hail Caesar ancients, 15mm FOG ancients, 28mm French and Indian wars, 28mm chain of command WW2 and a 20mm WW2 scenario featuring my very own Germans using the Battle Group rules (with a few tweaks), including blinds.

The battle was fought in the fictional village of L'Escargot, and saw the Americans attempt to secure a hill and a building that contained some art that needed recovering. The Germans naturally were the defenders of the village, but had no idea where the stash was hidden. It would appear that the small building at the far corner of the table was a contender, as this seemed to draw little artillery fire even after one of our blinds turned out to be a king tiger parked outside.

Artillery was a sore subject as this was only allowed to the attacking American forces and kept many of the German units pinned early on. Victory conditions for the US were (1) capture and hold the designated hill, (2) occupy the unknown building containing stash or (3) get 3 pieces of armour through the village and off the other end of the road.
Victory points for the Germans was simple…… STOP THEM.

Early on in the game a very plucky sole Stuart tank advanced into the centre of the village and earned the name Lucky. Escaping fire from anti tank weapons and even dicing with a Panzer IV and winning with a penetrating shot through its side armour with his pea shooter. He was quickly subdued in the next phase of shooting.

The remainder of the game saw exchanges of US Artillery and German Mortars, but the Americans suffered heavily once they breached the first set of hedge rows and were decimated by a combination of Panther, King Tiger and Panzer Faust and Shreks.

Great bunch of guys and some very interesting layouts.

Roll on February Napoleonics me thinks ????