Saturday 12 March 2016


just got back from helping set out the tables at tomorrow's WMMS West Midlands Military Show, the Alumwell wargames society host this event every year.

Managed to catch a couple of pictures of these guys before the crowds arrive.

If you are UK based and going to be attending, don't be shy pop over and say HI. I will be sharing my time between all my new friends on the Wyre Forest Gamers and The Alumwell Wargames Society tables.

Tuesday 8 March 2016


My latest game at the Allumwell War games Society involved my Battle group forces and was centred on the Germans commanded by me holding a village against a force of British Engineers supported by armour. Their task unknown by me was to destroy 2 of the designated buildings with demo charges. It was a fictitious scenario based in the Bocage, so lots of movement and failed spotting turns before the Germans actually got to put any fire down.

The Brits. won, but they were controlled by the clubs organisers who are both experienced gamers. As it was a quiet night I was on my own, though to be fair the umpire and the opposition did offer help and advice where possible.

For this game I was asked to provide British PIAT teams and 2 heavy mortars….. damn…. I only had 1 of each, so a quick raid of the bits box and some kit bashing and HEY PRESTO!

So it’s 2 all at the moment between my British and German battle group forces. I really must remember to move the infantry forward quicker and when laying smoke as a screen undershoot on purpose to allow for variance. I tried to shield my Pak 40 from the Shermans but the smoke rounds dropped behind them. Hampered by British Mortars allowed to fire only once every other turn, but as they had two this meant my defenders were under constant barrage, with one firing each turn.

We did discuss how the Firefly was able to destroy the PAK 40 so quickly in an already confirmed reinforced position, as the Firefly did not carry HE rounds until later. Maybe the round set of the ammo crates, who knows. And how the Germans even though they were the defenders forgot to zero their own mortars.

I also learned that a Panzerfaust can be fired through a window with devastating effect. : )

Not in time to save the poor Stug pictured below though.

A Zvezda Panzer III build video has also been added to the channel. Hope you like.