Wednesday 9 October 2019

It's been a while, I have no excuses however I have decided to restart my Blog and Youtube Channel and a new web page hopefully in the future.

As a child many a battle was fought on my bedroom carpet, between armies of little plastic and metal men. Those happy memories are what in later years led to me taking an interest in what is now the very adult hobby of War Gaming. Together with this hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures, I also combine the side task of collecting the same toy soldiers I had as a child (and some I never owned). My Father used to bring me a box home almost every week on his way home from work. I had a large wooden box of hundreds of different makes, mostly Airfix, Matchbox and Britains, all different eras and nationalities. These mini veterans of countless carpet conflicts were either lost damaged or given to younger family members who sadly grew up in the age of the internet and modern games. Somehow I just don't think they held the same joy as what they did for me.

I intend this to be my main blog and the posting point for my Legion of Lost Miniatures, however I will also run which will be based more around the actual games and battle reports that I have taken part in.