Saturday 28 March 2020

Panic Stations or Paint Stations

Well guys and gals!

What can I say, the world is in a pandemic! I truly hope all the people out there are taking extra care and keeping themselves entertained and CLEAN.

As a result of our current situation I have found myself with some extra time on my hands while the good old UK finds herself in a semi lock down stance against COVID-19 allowing our NHS and other essential services to do what they do best. I truly hope anyone reading this post is fortunate enough to be free of the virus and remains safe with their family and loved ones.

Currently myself I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to work from home, and my other hobbies as a historical re-enactor put on hold due to the ban on public gatherings. So that gives me a bit more time to get the brushes and cans out again.

Luckily the beginning of March was not impacted by emergency legislation and I attended as a member of the Alumwell Wargames Society the WMMS (West Midland Military Show) hosted by the group. It allowed me to pick up some more pieces for the coming weeks of isolation, including this little bonus at a reduced price of thirty quid for my Battle group scenarios.

It was complete and unused with the Flak guns, vehicles, both sets of figures as well as the famous bridge itself from Sarissa. With it being Italeri the scale is perfect match for the 20mm Plastic Soldier Company pieces already in my collection. A message for a friend, if you are reading this (you know who you are) here is the current condition of the project as promised. For some reason it would not let me send an image to you via my text service, and yes I will get some more brush time in hopefully for the Napoleonics that are being dusted of ready for trying out the new rules of Over the Hills

So onto the other models currently on the bench. 20mm pill boxes, machine gun nests and bunkers. This years main projects are to be Pegasus Bridge obviously, along with an Atlantic Wall section of Fortress Europe and the gun emplacements at Longues Sur Mer in Normandy, which I was fortunate to visit last year during the 75th Anniversary of the D Day landings.

Is there anyone reading this that can identify the manufacturer
as I need to procure more of the trench sections? My initialplan was to scratch build the remaining lengths of trench, but to be honest the price of the pieces were quite acceptable to off-set the extra man hours that would be required to scratch build. Please comment or drop me an email if you are know.

Likewise I am in the process of tracking down some pieces for the Longues Sur Mer Gun Battery positions. I believe a company called PN SUD manufacture these. If not then watch this space, as it may be time to get the plaster out.

Take care folks and hope to get some updates out soon.