Monday, 8 August 2016


So there I was the other morning getting ready for work, the wife calls to me “Have a look what some one has done to the car”........ oh crap I thought what is she on about..... So I went out side and some local fool, probably on the way home from the pub had decided to deposit a house FOR SALE sign from further down the road onto the roof bars of our car.

So rather than return it like a good neighbour should do I chopped the wooden stake into pieces for my chimenea wood pile and the corrugated plastic board is now coming along nicely.

Over twenty feet of various lengths of road section including junctions and crossroads : )
A visit to the pet shop for the necessary base material (sand / grit ) only 70 pence for a good sized bag of it. Then pop next door to the pound shop, Brown Emulsion £1.00, Grey Emulsion £1.00, PVA glue and filler £1.00 each and a small mixer pot of the paint I already have in the shed as a substitute for Bleached bone / Iraqi sand along with a few drops of white emulsion.

Not bad for under £5.00 and an hour or two here and there. Here's hoping that some one may decide to leave approximately forty square feet of 2 inch insulation foam outside the front gate then I can start my new gaming table. : )

Stage 1:
Cut the board into your required lengths, twelve inches is a good start as most gaming boards are in feet. Use one of your miniatures or vehicles / carts for an estimation of the width. I then cut square sections to use a junctions and intersections. Using these I then reduced the lengths of some of the road sections -1 and then – 2 of the square sections from each length. This gave me options to create various intersections while maintaining 12 inch lengths.
Stage 2:
Mix your PVA glue and Filler in a pot to a 50 / 50 ratio, and apply this to the road sections to create the required finish. You may want to create ruts etc. On a few of the sections I applied thicker applications and formed it with my finger to create shell craters. Random pieces of the lager grit can also be added to the middle of the road sections not forgetting to build up the edges to create the higher mounds on the side of track roads this can also be created by applying your first lot of base material (the grit) along the edges while the solution is still wet. Next sprinkle the sand generously over all the sections that have been coated with the PVA filler mix. Shake off the excess into a tub to save for the next time and leave to dry (a good 24 hours) maybe less.

Stage 3:

Base coat all the sections in your required colour, I chose brown watered down a little to allow it to flow into all the gaps of grit and sand. Then allow to dry thoroughly before applying your first Highlight, by dry brushing a lighter shade of the base coat (this is where the white emulsion is added to the original colour) some experimentation will be required. An even lighter colour can be
applied later with an even more sparing dry brush.

Stage 4:

Once the emulsion is completely dry you can then pick out individual pieces of grit with the Bleached bone.

Stage 5:

You may want to further embellish the road sections with foliage or pieces from your bits box.

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